Experience incredible and detailed sound with the latest Bernafon hearing aids, and we carry models like the Viron, Zeren, and Leox at Thousand Islands Hearing.

Bernafon Leox Hearing Aid at Thousand Islands Hearing

Better Hearing With Bernafon

Take your hearing and your style to the next level with Bernafon high-performance ultra power hearing aids, like the Leox, that look as good as they sound. 

Why Choose Bernafon

  • Ultra power models for best performance and amplification
  • Exceptional speech clarity
  • Stylish options for a personalized touch
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70-Day No-Risk Trials At Thousand Islands Hearing

At Thousand Islands Hearing we believe in better hearing without the added stress. We'll work with you to understand exactly what you need to hear better, and then you get to try it for 70-days to make sure you're completely comfortable.

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