Thousand Islands Hearing offers some of the latest technologies from Signia, like the Signia Styletto and the Pure Charge and Go Nx Rechargeable hearing aids.

Signia Pure Charge Hearing Aids, Thousand Islands Hearing

Signia at Thousand Islands Hearing

At Thousand Islands Hearing we're proud to offer several lines of Signia devices, as well as accessories, to match your specific auditory needs. We also carry several types of hearing aids from, from Behind-the-ear (BTA) designs to Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) to suit your level of comfort.

Why Choose Signia

  • Several options for maximum comfort and all lifestyles;
  • Wireless and Bluetooth capable options;
  • Mobile apps to take your hearing to the next level.
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70-Day No-Risk Trials At Thousand Islands Hearing

At Thousand Islands Hearing we believe in better hearing without the added stress. We'll work with you to understand exactly what you need to hear better, and then you get to try it for 70-days to make sure you're completely comfortable.

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